Sunday, 13 September 2009

A Magical Evening

I hadn't planned to use this as a diary, but yesterday we had such a wonderful evening, that I thought I would write it down.
It was my husband's 65th birthday last week, our eldest daughter's birthday in between and then my biggie follows next week.  We thought we were joining the family to celebrate our daughter's birthday at a Hungry Horse restaurant.  Instead we were taken to our favourite Greek restaurant, to find that our three wonderful daughters had cooked up an amazing surprise for us.
As we entered the restaurant we found my husband's brother and his family sat waiting to greet us, along with their mother, my sister and her husband, my niece and her husband, the daughters and their husbands/partners.  We had a wonderful time and the evening was flowing with excellent food, champagne, gifts galore, a birthday cake, balloons and the most wonderful photographic scrapbook which the girls had put together.
It was packed so full of memories that every time I look at it something new comes to mind.  The girls usually manage to devise something good for 'special' birthdays but this time they left me completely stunned.

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